Love Promoting Communication

‪‎5 Star Romance Tip‬: Easy ideas for creating those fireworks in your relationship this 4th of July weekend! Whether you are vacation or on a staycation this weekend, here are some ideas for helping you and your special someone put some spark into your weekend.

Start by using this holiday weekend to focus on positive conversations that promote each other, no stressful conversations! Use words that build each other up. Be conscious to insert compliments into your vocabulary, hold hands, and offer a loving touch as you go about your weekend. Demonstrate through your actions as well as your words that you care and are invested in your relationship.

Set aside time this weekend (even if it is only an hour each day) that you are focused only on each other and make it a daily goal to share “love promoting” communication.

To get you started, here are some ‪‎5 star romance enhancement suggestions to help with your communication:

🌟 I love it when you did _________________________ for me!

🌟 What I love best about your personality is when you ______________________________!

🌟 One of my favorite dates/vacation/trip with you was when we ________________________________!

🌟 My idea of romance is when we do this _______________________________ together!

🌟 One of the many reasons why I find you attractive is ____________________________!

Have a great 4th of July weekend and have fun with this, let there be a sparkle in your romance! Feel free to offer your comments/suggestions too!