Always 5 Star check list before checking out of a hotel room

How often have you left an item or two behind in a hotel room?



Every traveler can relate to this dilemma, especially if you have a busy travel schedule or are running a bit late.



I know that in the past I have!  Because of this I decided to develop a quick 10 step check list that I follow without fail.  The good news is that it has helped me from ever leaving items behind.  The check list will  take you all of 5 minutes (I timed it).  Isn’t it worth that time, if you do not leave anything of value behind?

I am sharing my Always5Star free downloadable (see below) check list, in the hope that it will help enhance your Always 5 Star travel experience.


Always 5 Star Top 10 Check List Before Leaving the Hotel




Printing the above check list:


*To print the Always 5 Star Top 10 check list before leaving the hotel, follow these 5Star simple steps:


🌟     Put your cursor over the above image

🌟     Right click your mouse

🌟     Choose ‘Save Image

🌟     Name the location and give the document a title

🌟     Once saved to your computer, you can print it as a photo file to your printer.


Or, the following PDF file can be used for printing:

Always 5 Star Top 10 check list before leaving the hotel PDF Document (download) : Always 5 Star Top 10 checklist before leaving the hotel


For information about how much to tip, please click on this link for a free downloadable Always 5 Star tipping guide:  Always5Star Tip Guide


Cheers to using this quick and easy free Always 5 Star guide to enhancing your travel experience by not leaving anything behind!


– Don’t forget to check the balcony area too!  Cheers!





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