#5StarTip🌟: How to turn your cell phone camera into a valuable travel resource

🌟How many times have you received a valet ticket and couldn’t find it when it was time to get your car?


🌟How many times did you forget where your car was parked, especially at a large airport parking lot?


It has happened enough times to me that I knew I needed to find a solution.  Recently, I noticed, after parking my car at the LAX airport, a woman taking out her phone and snapping a picture of the cars location.  I know that several people have already figured this out, but for me this was an epiphany of sorts.  This proved to be very helpful and I now do it regularly.


– At the huge LAX airport parking garage, it can be hard to find your car. This did the trick!


After realizing the benefits of using my phone to keep track of my car, I thought it might help with other travel challenges.  It was on the same trip that I rented a car, drove to the hotel, and handed my keys over to the valet who gave me my valet ticket.  As I started to put it in my wallet, I realized I could take a picture of this too and keep the information on my phone.


This turned out to be a wonderful help and I started looking for more ways to utilize my camera on my cell phone.


– Took a picture and was able to quickly give the valet my information!


Our cell phones are with us at all times (or is that just me?) and we can magnify their value when traveling.  Taking pictures of any documents you might need, can prove to be quite helpful as well.

Have you used your cell phone’s picture function while traveling?  Please leave your ideas and tips by commenting on the Always5Star Facebook  page.  I would love to share your suggestions!



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