Ritz-Carlton Half Moon Bay – Grounds and Activities

During the winter, the Hot Chocolate Bar is a must.  The bar offers all sorts of condiments and toppings for a steaming hot cup of chocolate.  My favorite was adding whipped cream, nuts, and some sprinkles.  I noticed several people being quite creative in their choice of toppings.  They offer some adult beverage additives as well.



Oyster Bar:

The Oyster Bar was located near the beautiful patio area.  This was quite popular in the early evening to supplement the various drink offerings.



Golf Course:

It should go without saying that the Ritz-Carlton Half Moon Bay has a golf course with exceptional views.  It must be hard to concentrate on those swings with such jaw dropping views!


– A putting green for those of us who need practice…lol!



-Views of the golf course


There is an indoor heated pool located adjacent to the resort at the Colony Club near the Golf Pro Shop and Ocean Guestrooms.


– Indoor heated pool



If you enjoy a leisurely and fun bike ride, this is the place.  You can enjoy a ride along the paved path that overlooks the ocean.


#5StarTip🌟: Rent a bike early in the morning to be able to see the sunrise while having the pathways to yourself. It is a special and must do experience!


Woke up early one morning to receive this gift of nature! Magnificent!


Pathways are paved with just a few steep climbs. An easy ride for the most part.


– Bikes are well maintained and easy to ride



Another activity that is not to be missed is the great walks and hikes right next to the property.  Start out on the paved pathway owned by the Ritz-Carlton and just keep walking.


Stairway leads you to a beautiful and remote beach – great cardio exercise too!


After the path ends, you will start walking on an unpaved pathway that is the Coastal Trail.  You will be rewarded with more gorgeous views and landscapes!


– Easy unpaved pathways to follow


Be sure and stop and read the sign boards about the California Coast Trail.  Very informative.


– Loved stopping and reading about the California Coastal Trail


Watch the Sunset:

To end a fabulous day, find a place to sit to enjoy the sunsets that this property is noted for.  You can also pre-arrange with the Concierge to have special seating for a romantic moment to enjoy the sunsets!


This was set up as a surprise for a couple. He proposed to his bride-to-be at sunset…Of course she said yes! Isn’t that the best!!


As the sun is setting, make sure to be out on the patio (or on your balcony) to witness the beautiful bagpipes being played as the sun is setting.  It is such a special experience and something that is done every night.


#5StarTip🌟: Get to the patio early and grab a front row seat.  It is popular and the chairs can be taken if you wait too long.  They offer blankets as well.


– The bagpipe music at sunset!

Make sure to end the day watching the sun touch the ocean!  A perfect ending to a perfect day!


– The sunsets were different each night!


Stunning and magical sunsets!


Final Thoughts:

There is so much to experience while staying at this property.  Our experience left us feeling that we had the perfect getaway.  Cheers to you having your own unique experience!



Roast marshmallows on your fire while enjoying a glass of Champagne! Cheers everyone!


🌟Please note: I was not compensated in any way for this post.  My opinions are completely my own based on my experiences, which I paid entirely for myself.

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