How to serve the perfect glass of champagne!


Here are five steps to serving the perfect glass of champagne for those “Champagne Moments” of life!


press for champagne

5 Star Tips:🌟




Champagne needs to be served cold.  The ideal temperature is 8-10° C / 47-50°F – chilling it below these temperatures you risk the aroma being difficult to notice.

Before serving place the bottle in an ice bucket for a half hour – one half ice and one half water. You can also chill the champagne bottle on its side in the refrigerator for four hours before serving (Do not chill in the freezer).

wine chilling


🌟 Popping the cork:

Remove the foil then loosen the muselet (the wire cage) and discard both.  Drape a small towel over the top of the bottle.  With one hand holding the base of the bottle at a 45̊ degree angle point the top of the bottle away from you.  Wrapping your other hand around the cork and towel and begin to rotate the base slowly.  The cork will slowly begin the come out, maintain pressure and you will hear a soft pop as the cork leaves the bottle.

popping cork


🌟 Pour:

Champagne should be poured against the inside of the glass rather than directly into the bottom. This allows for the champagne to maintain the bubbles.  Do not let the bottle touch the glass as you pour.



🌟 Serve:

Champagne should be served in a traditional flute (a tall narrow glass) this will showcase the fine carbonation properties the best.


glass of champagne


🌟 Cheers!

Take a pause before sipping your first taste to celebrate this moment.  Make a toast and express gratitude of good feelings toward others, an accomplishment, acknowledging a special occasion in life!






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