The Ritz Carlton in Tokyo sets a new standard for luxury and service!

Why should you stay at the luxurious Ritz Carlton Tokyo?  Here are the key reasons…


– Ritz Carlton – Tallest building in Tokyo – Views from the room

I love staying at the Ritz Carlton and have had the opportunity to stay at several of their properties.  When traveling through Tokyo, I decided to book a room at the Ritz Carlton Tokyo.  I had heard that this hotel was a cut above and was looking forward to seeing if that was true.  After my stay, I can say it definitely is!  The room and the service exceeded my expectations.


– The key to a luxurious stay!


The hotel is centrally located in Midtown, Roppongi near several elegant shops. And it is not far from a subway/train station.  It occupies the top nine floors of the 53 story Midtown Tower building.  The Ritz Carlton Tokyo boasts occupying Tokyo’s tallest building.  It certainly provides for some outstanding views of the city of Tokyo.


– View from the suite’s living room area


I booked a Club Lounge room and was upgraded to suite room 5312 (see 5StarTip below).  When you are booked into a Club room, you are given a personalized check in.  You are taken directly to the Club Lounge where you are seated and given a drink.  Your check in is processed in this beautiful setting, after which  you are escorted to your room.  I must admit that when I was led into the room, the views took my breath away.  The room is the epitome of luxury.  It is beautifully decorated and very spacious.  The living room area’s large windows captured the views in such a way that it seemed surreal.  This room truly represents extravagance, and I felt quite grateful to be able to experience this level of luxury!


– Entrance to the fabulous suite



– King bed in the separate bedroom to the suite



– Living room area



– Desk work area of the suite



– Large flat screen TV – amazing views beyond

The bathroom was done in marble and the design is art deco with contemporary, sleek lines.  The tub was over-sized with a separate shower.  The shower’s strong water pressure was certainly a plus!  The bathroom amenities are plentiful and include a shaving kit, toothbrush kit, comb, etc.



– Bathroom sink area


Bathrobes, sheets, and towels were all what you expect from the Ritz Carlton.  Plush and luxurious!


– Separate shower and tub with plush towels and robes


The staff members at this Ritz Carlton were the stars of my stay, especially the Club Lounge employees. The manager, Kayoko Yoshihashi, treated me as if I was a celebrity.  She was aware that I love the Ritz Carlton champagne and offered a glass whenever I entered.  She also sent a bottle to my room, which was a special surprise.  This type of customer service will keep anyone wanting more and looking forward to booking their return trip!

Club Lounge:

A top reason why I love the Ritz Carlton hotels is their Club Lounges.  The Ritz Carlton’s do a fabulous job of creating a lounge that offers wonderful food tastings and beverages.  Each lounge offers its own uniqueness, but this lounge stood above and beyond any other Club Lounge that I have been to.

I think Matt Long of travel blog says it best:

“Many hotels offer extra benefits for those who choose to book club level rooms. I’ve experienced a lot of these benefits at a variety of hotels, but the Ritz Carlton Club is amongst the best I’ve seen. What made it better than others was frankly the club lounge. Most club lounges offer breakfast and sometimes snacks, the Ritz Carlton Tokyo however took the food offerings to a whole new level”*

*Visit Matt Long’s review of the Ritz Carlton Tokyo:

I couldn’t agree more with his statement.  The breakfast is not your usual continental selections.  They offer an omelet station and other egg dish choices as well.  The lunch was not just tiny sandwiches, but quite an array of different offerings that were more substantial than other lounges.  Starting at 2:00 p.m. each day, they served an afternoon tea service that rivals any I have ever enjoyed.  The evenings were similarly as good.  There were hors d’oeuvres and plenty of more considerable selections.  The evening service ends with decadent desserts and aperitifs.  In short, the lounge experience is exceptional.  It is worth the splurge to pay the additional room charge to upgrade to the Club Lounge.  I would highly recommend enjoying this experience.

Afternoon tea tray with champagne Afternoon tea Entrance to the Club Lounge Beautiful flower arrangement at the entrance to the Club Lounge Seating area in the Club Lounge Bar View in the Club Lounge Food options in the Club Lounge Counter display in the Club Lounge Beverage options in the Club Lounge Chef preparing omelets for breakfast Harpist during the Afternoon Tea in the Club Lounge
Beautiful flower arrangement at the entrance to the Club Lounge


The amazing views from this hotel, it is easy to find yourself just gazing out the windows.  The Ritz is so ideally located that I was able to enjoy a spectacular view at any point in the day or evening.


– View from the king bed

Final Thoughts:

When visiting Tokyo, I would wholeheartedly recommend staying at the Ritz Carlton.  In reviewing my stay, I could not find fault with any part of my stay.  The word “perfection” comes to mind.  The Ritz Carlton Tokyo absolutely deserves a 5-star rating. In fact, I believe it would be appropriate to say it deserves a 5 plus.

5StarTip🌟:  I would advise booking the Club Lounge room upgrade.  The 2:00 p.m. tea time service is a special experience and not to be missed.  Additionally, being a member of the Ritz Carlton Rewards program, and utilizing a Chase Ritz-Carlton Rewards® credit card, will most likely increase your opportunity for a room upgrade.**

Ritz Carlton Tokyo rates an Always 5 Stars 🌟🌟🌟🌟🌟 Cheers Ritz Carlton for creating a luxurious stay that I look forward to repeating in the near future!

**I was not compensated in any way for this post.  My opinions are completely my own based on my experiences, which I paid entirely for myself.

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